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Welcome to the unofficial UHL ED Wiki main page.

This Wiki contains pages from the ED Handbook (August 2008 edition), pages from the UHL ED bookshelf, and some more recent guidelines and policies.

This Wiki is under development, and is therefore mostly rubbish. None of the information in this Wiki should be taken seriously.


Abdominal painAcute coronary syndromesAdult Advanced Life Support Algorithm
Adult asthma protocolAdult bradycardia algorithmAdult tachycardia algorithm
Alcohol in health (medical student notes)Alcohol related attendancesAlgorithms for management of pneumothorax
AnalgesiaAntibiotic policyAssisted ventilation
AuditBack painBlatchford score
Bleeding in patients receiving oral anticoagulationBleep listBlue lights
CataloguesClinic referralsClinical chemistry
Colorectal cancer family history referral guidelinesColour paletteDeaths in the Emergency Department
Deliberate self harmDermatomesDocumentation
ED policiesENT guidelinesElbow X-rays
Elderly assessmentEmergency DepartmentEmergency Department SHO rota
Emergency Department consultantsEmergency nurse practitionerEndoscopy Unit
Eye emergenciesFire safetyFractures and dislocations
Gastrointestinal bleedingGeneva scoreGlasgow Coma Scale
Guidelines for endoscopic oesophageal dilatationGuidelines for management of Hepatitis CGuidelines for management of acute alcoholic hepatitis
Guidelines for management of pneumothoraxGuidelines for referring deaths to the CoronerGuidelines for requesting CT brain scans
HELLP syndromeHaematology and blood transfusionHaematuria
Hand injuriesHead injuriesHead injury (medical student notes)
HeadacheHelicobacter pylori eradication treatment guidelinesImaging
Index.phpInpatient management of COPDInvestigation matrix
Knee aspiration guidelinesLeave proceduresLewisham Intermediate Care Team
List of eponymous fracturesLondon Emergency DepartmentsMain Page
Major incidentsMajor traumaManagement of atrial fibrillation
Management of burnsManagement of neutropenic sepsisMaxillofacial surgery
Medical studentsMedicolegal report writingMental Capacity Act 2005
Mental Health Liaison ServiceMyotomesNear patient testing
Obstetrics and GynaecologyOttawa Ankle RulesOttawa Knee Rules
PAR-T scorePathology orderablesPhysiotherapy
Pleural proceduresPoisoningPortal:Emergency Medicine
Positional asphyxiaPre-eclampsiaPrescribing
Primary Care SuitePrimary Care attendersPulmonary Embolism Severity Index
PyelonephritisRadiology orderablesRapid Access Chest Pain Clinic
Rapid Assessment and Treatment UnitReferral for Doppler ultrasound scan for suspected DVTReferral routes
Regional analgesiaRequester gradesRespiratory emergencies
Risk managementRobert JonesRockall score
Safe dischargeSafeguarding childrenSedation
Sharps procedureSickle Cell crisisSyncope
University Hospital LewishamUrological emergenciesWard View - Majors
Wells scoreWorld Cup 2010 scheduleWound care




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